501FDC/RL OEM pumps with DC motors


The 501FDC/RL OEM pump is made up of a single-channel 501RL pumphead, a powerful 12V direct current motor, the new Watson-Marlow gearbox, and an aluminium faceplate. When fitted with 8.0mm x 1.6mm tubing, these pumps provide flow rates of up to 2200 ml/min.

The 501FDC/RL provides the highest torque output, pump speeds and flow rates of all Watson-Marlow OEM pumps.

The pump is also available without the lock on the pumphead guard and is known as the 501FDC/R.

For 30 to 60psi (2 to 4 bar) operation, a 501RLCG or 501RL2CG pumphead fitted with Sta-Pure® or Chem.Sure® tubing must be used. The 501RLCG pumphead accepts 1.6mm wall tubing, and the 501RL2CG pumphead accepts 2.0mm wall thickness tubing for viscous product handling.



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