Progressing over progressive cavity pumps

Progressive cavity pumps cannot run dry, for more than a few seconds. They can self prime but if the fluid takes time to get to the pump then the rotor/stator must either be manually lubricated or the pump needs charging with duty fluid.

Progressive cavity pumps suffer from wear if particles drop out of solution or if an abrasive suspended solid lodges within the cavity. Wear increases by the square of the speed.

Progressive cavity pumps have a large stator in contact alternately with the rotor and the duty fluid. Stator particles easily become detached and entrained with the fluid flow.

Progressive cavity pump rotor replacement is a skilled task requiring a long downtime. Pump selection is also a skilled task and many pumps are badly specified which can lead to premature failures in rotors, stators and mechanical seals. Once installed the Progressive cavity pump requires a lot of floor space. 

Watson-Marlow pumps win on all counts:

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