CE Questionnaire (English)

Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (97/23/EC)

We are required to issue this document in order to assess your requirements, we ask that you complete the form and submit. In order that we do not delay the processing of your order the questionnaire should be submitted immediately. In the event that the questionnaire is not submitted, we will assume worst case scenario that it could be a Group 1 Gas and the hose(s) will be CE marked as appropriate.

Could you please provide as much information as possible.

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Note: The following is a list of essential information required in order for us to comply with the above directive.
1) Product and properties
Gas (Gases include gases, liquefied gases, gases dissolved under pressure, vapours and also those liquids whose vapour pressure at the maximum allowable temperature is greater than 0.5g bar above normal atmospheric pressure (1013 mbara).)
Gas comments
Liquid (Liquids include liquids having a vapour pressure at the maximum allowable temperature of not more than 0.5 bar above normal atmospheric pressure [1013 mbara])
Liquid comments
Vapour pressure (Please state vapour pressure if known)
Group 1 (as defined by Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008) (Check all applicable)

Group 2
2) Hose size
The nominal bore of the hose (Measured in millimetres.)
3) Pressure
Maximum allowable pressure
4) Temperature
Minimum allowable temperature (Units in °C)
Maximum allowable temperature (Units in °C)
5) Contact information
Business email*
6) For Aflex Hose use (leave blank)
CE Marking Required
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