Maintaining consistency and productivity in paper manufacture

St.Cuthberts video

St.Cuthberts video

Highly accurate chemical metering in paper and pulp

Quality and consistency are essential in paper manufacturing. Ensuring end-product quality and efficient processing in a high productivity environment, such as a paper mill, means using reliable pumping equipment is crucial. 

Pumps have a significant role in ensuring product consistency. Precise control over metering pigments and starches minimises the chance of imperfections in paper quality, resulting in higher output. 

Assured processing uptime is equally important in maximising production value. Dependable, low maintenance pumping equipment aids daily operation and maintenance cycles while supporting a complete production process. 

St Cuthberts Mill, one of the leading manufacturers of high-end watercolour and photographic paper, uses Qdos peristaltic pumps for a range of metering duties in the wet end of their 24/7 papermaking operation.  

Proven efficiency in paper production

“To have success, you have to be consistent in all the grades you make.” St Cuthberts Mill Shift Manager, Paul Tremlett explains. 

Accuracy and reliability are crucial to this success.  Qdos pumps provide extended uptimereducing maintenance through long consumable life. With an easy to use interface and highly accurate metering capabilities, Qdos pumps minimise chemical waste and associated costs. Their design inherently reduces maintenance as operators can quickly and safely replace a single component.

St Cuthberts Mill have saved thousands of pounds due to precise shade and chemical addition control and  a reduction in downtime, associated with a previously deployed pump. 

Industry-leading pumps supported by specialist technical support and expertise

In addition to manufacturing industry-leading pumps, our strong client-supplier relationship ethos means WMFTG product experts work closely with customers, like St Cuthberts Mill, to ensure the best the solution is selected for their applications. This is followed by technical support from our product experts during installation, testing and ongoing operation.

  • Qdos pumps

    Qdos pumps

    Eliminate ancillaries while maintaining accurate, linear and repeatable metering for process conditions

  • Pulp and paper

    Pulp and paper

    High metering accuracy and excellent resistance to viscous and abrasive chemicals

  • Technical report

    Technical report

    Reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in the paper industry

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