Chemical recirculating solution

313 OEM pumpWestland Transmissions, part of GKN Westland Helicopters called in Watson-Marlow to solve a problem with the plating process for main gearbox helical gears. Air bubbles around the submerged components caused deposits leading to rework. The solution was a Watson-Marlow 313 twin-headed pump, one head feeding solution to the area where air entrapment can occur, the second evacuating solution from recesses when the gear is extracted from the bath.

Paul French, plating shop manager at Westland, describes the Watson-Marlow solution as "unbelievably simple." "By gently recirculating the solution through a peristaltic pump we ensure that no air enters the solution".

The only maintenance generally required on a peristaltic pump is to change the tube. When asked how often this needed to be done, Paul French replied: "Not very often, I can't even remember the last time." Westland's success shows the simplicity and flexibility of peristaltic pumping. 

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