Effluent and waste management

Tighter legislation has changed the way manufacturing plants deal with effluent. Companies now have the choice of treating their own effluent or paying trade effluent prices. For those opting for in-situ treatment, a reliable process is essential.

Inaccurate dosing not only needlessly wastes chemicals and inflate costs on site, it can also leave the company open to failure to reach compliance under trade effluent guidelines.

Watson-Marlow peristaltic pump rangeWatson-Marlow’s family of positive displacement pumps provides the solution. 

They are ideal for transferring abrasive or aggressive waste away from production and metering the harsh and aggressive chemicals used in water treatment.

  1. Eliminates wastage of incorrectly-dosed chemicals
  2. Reliable flow rate and accurate control
  3. Abrasive resistant rubber hose with chemical resistance to wide range of substances
  4. High pressure capability
  5. No valves, seals, glands or common wear parts
  6. Lower maintenance costs
  7. Control via process signal or a Profibus network

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