Pie manufacturer chooses Bredel series pump in filling transfer

Bredel SPX pie filling applicationA leading food manufacturer was in need of a transfer pump for their new apple pies. The company initially considered diaphragm and volumetric pumps but opted for the protection offered by Bredel hose pumps. “We needed a big transfer pump, so we originally tested diaphragm pumps. They were not suitable because they became blocked up by the apple mix."

The objective was to introduce a modern method of transferring food mixtures that would minimize damage to the product. When they selected the Bredel series hose pump, the manufacturer not only safeguarded its reputation for producing quality food but also protected the contents of its pies.

“We have a lot of peristaltic pumps,” stated the project engineer. “They’re the best method of getting the job done. The new pumps in particular simplify transferring the apple mix from the mixing bowl to the depositor’s hopper. Unlike other pump types, they provide a low shear transfer method, which was one of our main considerations.”

The improvements the Bredel hose pumps have made to this food processing plant has made production faster and eliminated the need for manual handling of products.

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