Brine dosing in butter making

Butter briningWhen pumping problems occur, engineers in the process industries increasingly look to Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps for the solution. An example of problem-solving in the food industry is A.J. & R.G.Barber's well-known Maryland Farm farmhouse butter, where a Watson-Marlow pump handles a brine dosing duty.

The lobe rotor dosing pump originally fitted suffered from the corrosive effects of the brine and it was also unable to maintain a consistent dosing rate. The result was excessive maintenance, downtime and expensive production hold-ups.

Engineering Manager John Boothman decided to install a Watson-Marlow 604S/RL manually-controlled variable-speed pump and dosing problems are now history at Barbers.

Brine in the form of a slurry is pumped from chilled storage tanks directly to the injection cannon of the continuous butter-making machine. Normal dosing rate is 10 litres/hour and the pump usually runs three times a week for periods of approximately four hours. With the brine totally enclosed within the elastomeric tubing pump corrosion has ceased and changes in viscosity no longer affect the rate at which the brine is dosed.

The pump's straight through, sealless, glandless construction without crevices where product residues can accumulate, ensures that cleaning is a simple flushing operation. A second Watson-Marlow pump is now installed to handle sterilising chemicals.


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