Cheese curd transfer

Ecosine cheese productionThe unique MasoSine Pump design is ideal for the transfer of cheese curd. The MasoSine Pump's large open cavities, a constant displaced volume, and gentle transfer of product from inlet to discharge transfers curd with little damage. This feature produces a higher curd yield, higher fat content, and lowers the amount of fines created during transfer.

Typical curd and whey application opportunities call for a sine pump model SPS-6, MR-160, or EC60 to replace an equivalent positive dis¬placement rotary style, double shaft, double rotor unit. Applications usually involve emptying double-O vats and transferring to drain tables. At one particular location, samples were taken of the suspended solids found in the whey after it was separated from the transferred curd and whey mixture. After the installation of the sine pump, the average suspended solids decreased from 0.37 to 0.33, approximately an 11% decline. Furthermore, since the sine pump has been in place, the plant claims to have 19% fewer fines available. The Sine Pump provided the customer with a higher quality product and was able to increase the customer’s yield.


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