Improvement of 350% in unbroken egg pumping

Watson-Marlow 840 rangeA Japanese food processing company has purchased an 840 range hygienic peristaltic pump to decrease egg yolk breakage. The company has to pump egg yolks and whites through a chilling process before dispatch to food manufacturers who make extra-thick omelet’s that accompany sushi. Astonishingly the pump processes the egg yolks with a 70% unbroken rate, allowing for a better quality end product and offering a staggering 350% improvement on the company’s previous pump.

Chilling approximately 60,000 egg yolks and white every day is no mean feat, but demand is such in Japan that a solution to this curious processing dilemma was required urgently. Sushi in Japan is traditionally served with omelet’s cut into portions measuring up to 2cm thick. To guarantee that the quality of the omelet matches that of the fine sushi on offer, producers demand as many unbroken egg yolks as possible

However, using a competitor’s pump at the food processing company, only a disappointing 20% of yolks were making it through the pump without damage. The situation had to improve if existing order levels were to be maintained.

Starting from a low speed the pump velocity was increased to 20rpm, which gave the desired flow rate of around 1000 liters/hour. It was evident immediately that a far higher percentage of egg yolks remained intact after pumping than was previously the case.

A surprised and delighted number of processing staff assessed the yolks and confirmed about 70% were undamaged. The company is now in the process of upgrading its processing operations to incorporate the 840 range peristaltic hygienic pump from Watson-Marlow.


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