Accuracy in vitamin addition with repeatable flow rates

Vitamin pillsThe number one supplier of nutritional products, located in Crowley, LA, provides their product worldwide and is extremely efficient. They initially purchased a Watson-Marlow 300 series pump and really liked its performance.

A year after purchasing the 300 series pump, the Director called Watson-Marlow requesting for a pump for vitamin addition with an alcohol base. Watson-Marlow sent them a 520Du/L pump with Marprene tubing to set up a test in their system. The test was very successful; the customer loved the accuracy, ease of maintenance and capabilities of the pump. The only problem we had with the test was the pump was not large enough to handle the required flow. After discussing this matter with the Director, they purchased a 624S/R using Marprene tubing to handle the larger flows.

The vitamin solutions can be very abrasive and can crystallize under certain conditions. Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps were chosen because of our ability to withstand the abrasive solution and to provide accurate, repeatable flows.

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